The company "ELBA Yatirim Sondaj Insaat ve Ticaret Ltd."  located  in Moscow  has been registered in the Russian markets design and construction services  since June 28 of 2002. "ELBA Yatırım Sondaj Inşaat ve Ticaret Ltd."  owns the necessary CERTIFICATES and licenses, including state licenses  to perform professional activities in the field of construction.

Beginning from the first day of its establishment, the company has delivered first-class speedy construction on all types residential and commercial PROJECTSs.  Our years of professional experience have given us a level of expertise that other companies can only admire. In view of  its strong position in the market, the company is quite confident about the future.

Our staff consists of highly skilled managers and professionals who are graduated from well-known schools in Russia and abroad, and have extensive experience to cope with the current economic conditions.

In the past, company co-founders were involved in the implementation of  the following facilities:


June 1995

Military houses PROJECTS in Samara

February 1997

A"turnkey" Tennis Centre in Luzhniki, ?oscow, 15000 sq.m. area

March 1997

A"turnkey" office building and a fitness center for the bank "Menatep" at: Moscow. Kolpatchniy lane. 5/5 p.1 and 2, square 2600 sq.m.

May 1997

Reconstruction of Office Building Bank "Menatep" at the address: Moscow, Ulanski per.22 covering 3,100 sq.m

August 1997

A "turnkey" Trading complex, subway station "Rechnoi", Moscow, 7000 sq. m. area

December 1999

Construction of a residential building by method of tunnel formwork in Dzerzhinskom in the Moscow region, area of 11,000 sq. m.












During this short period, "ELBA Yatırım Sondaj Inşaat ve Ticaret Ltd." completed the design and construction of the facilities listed below.

December 2001

Design, reconstruction an redesign, hotel "Gostevovo doma" in the village of Tura, Evenkia autonomous district of Krasnoyarsk region

March 2002

Design works, two three star hotels in Tura Baykit Evenkia autonomous district of Krasnoyarsk region

June 2003

Design, working drawings and marble façade finishing  "Alfa Arbat Center" in Moscow

December 2002     December 2003

Design and "turnkey" construction of trade and entertainment center with cinemas and fitness center "Shokolad", Belinsky str., city of Nizhny Novgorod, with a total area of 26000 sq. m.

June 2003       March 2006

Construction of office-residential complex with an underground garage with a total area of 31,600 sq. m., 10000 sq. m.of office for Sberbank turnkey completion, Kostina str., Nizhny Novgorod

June 2003
May 2005

Design and "turnkey"  construction of Trade Centre on Rublevka street 62 with a total area of 78000 sq. m. (in partnership with the company "Kontek")

May 2004
March 2006

Factory building and office building renovation.
22000 square. meters, "Tehnoplast" factory,Nizhny Novgorod.

November 2004
May 2005

"Turnkey" construction of office building with a total area of 2000 sq. the factory, "Krasny Yakor" Nizhny Novgorod.

December 2004
October 2005

Design and "turnkey" construction of an underground trade center at Pl. Lenina in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, with a total area of 7500 sq. m.

April 2006
February 2007

"Turnkey" Construction of office building with a total area of 19000 sq. m. for the factory, "Krasny Yakor", Nizhny Novgorod.

August 2005       January 2007

Construction of a housing complex with a total area of 18500 sq. m. Belinsky in Nizhny Novgorod.

June 2007
October 2007

Reconstruction Plant for the production of plywood DSP with a total area of 15000 sq. the village. Vakhtan, Nizhny Novgorod region.

August 2007      December 2007

Factory for producing prefabricated houses with a total area of 16000 sq. m. in the village. Semenov, Nizhny Novgorod region

March 2007

Construction of housing complex Second Stage with a total area of 24300 sq. m. Belinsky in Nizhny Novgorod.


High technology and technical equipments of our company allow us to complete PROJECTSs with any degree of complexity independently or with minimal involvement of other organizations.

The primary factors of the success of "ELBA Yatırım Sondaj Inşaat ve Ticaret Ltd." are the completion of works in strict compliance with building codes and regulations, compliance with contract deadlines, punctual performance of the works, responsibility, reliability, and hardworking.

Among our various subcontractors and suppliers of building materials and equipments are only the accredited and respectable companies in Russia and Europe.

Today, we highly assess our competitiveness and believe that our company's potential is sufficient to help you achieve desired results.

We are able to fulfill the needs of our customers or investors for almost any construction PROJECTS beginning from a preliminary PROJECTS work to a turnkey completion, while meeting the demands for quality of general works and finishing, equipments, and security systems.

We are looking for a productive and mutually beneficial cooperation with the concerned parties.


Levent Akkaya